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General information

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio allows you to log in to a single account that contains all your applications, instead of having to juggle a different username and password for every recruitment. You'll have quick access to your existing applications and Recruit will prefill new applications with your information.

Email verification

Why do I need to verify my email address?

We require applicants who visit the site to verify their email address and set up a new password. When you try to apply or check on your application for the first time, you will receive an email containing a link; clicking the link will confirm that you own the email address, and you will be taken back to the login page. You will then have access to all other applications using the verified email.

Can I apply without verifying an email address?

No. To ensure that the campus always has a way to communicate with you, we require that you verify your email address.

I already have a previous application; can I log in with my old username?

To start verification, Recruit will accept either usernames or email addresses. During the verification process you will set up a new password with more stringent security requirements; afterwards only the new password will work. Attempting to log in with a username will gently remind you to use your email address and new password instead.

Can I verify my application if I no longer control my old email address?

Yes. If you have the username and password for an application, the system will let you change your email address before verifying. However, your portfolio will contain only the applications that use the verified email address.

Will I be asked to verify my email every time I log in?

We will only send verification emails to you the first time you come to the site, either to apply for something new or check on an existing application.

What if I applied using different email addresses?

While you will be able to verify each email address used in recruitments individually, at this time there is no way to combine portfolios or add applications from different email addresses to an existing portfolio.

I forgot my portfolio password and no longer control the email address associated with it; can you reset my password?

Unfortunately, we cannot reset your portfolio password for you. If you no longer control the email associated with your portfolio, and you have forgotten your password, you will need to create a new portfolio.